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Username: pilot2
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 1:19 PM GMT
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Subject: If We Post About Stubbs, Do We Post Under Afilias? Neustar? Core? Others?


By now you know, Ken Stubbs has commented, via private email, to a participant (Shawn Kelly) in this forum, under "General Comments".  Mr. Stubbs lurks within this forum, but does not feel the need to address the numerous concerns of others.  He doesn't feel the need to respond to inquiries pertaining to application(s) of which he is a part of.  Shawn Kelly posted the content of Stubbs' email in this forum. The content reveals a bitterness and arrogance not suited to an board member of the DNSO, let alone a board member of companies applying for new TLDs. 

Many out here in publicville feel that any application which includes Ken Stubbs as a participant, board member, or figurehead, should be rejected.  This would include several of the applications for new TLDs.  It is obvious Mr. Stubbs and his associations with at least several applicants is not in the best interest of the Internet, and is detrimental to the "open and transparent" process ICANN aspires to. 

Mr. Stubbs and his conglomerate cache have wormed their way much too deep into the process, much like a computer virus.  In short, Ken Stubbs has violated the public trust.   How can he accept compensation (monetary or otherwise) from both ICANN and the applicants for new TLDs? At this point, the DNSO is much too powerful for such a conflict of interest to exist.  Yet it does. 

When politicians display such hairy conflicts of interest, they are chastised and risk prosecution. 

What's going on at ICANN and the DNSO is every bit as wrong as the recent circumstances surrounding State Insurance Commissioner Quackenbush.  Quackenbush lost his position as Insurance Commissioner
due to his arrogance and betrayal of the public trust.  In my opinion,
Ken Stubbs has also betrayed the public trust.  He's supposed to be watching out for the best interests of the internet community, not lining his pockets with payoffs from TLD applicants.  The At Large Membership and the public at large (including viable news organizations) are wondering when ICANN will comment on the elephant in the middle of the room, instead of pretending it's not there.  It's there, bigtime, and we all see it from this vantage point.

This comment concerns certain applications.  We know it concerns at least Afilias, Neustar, and Core.  We read, in this forum, that Mr. Stubbs is somehow involved with approximately 40% of the applications for new TLDs.  If true, doesn't it warrant at least a statement on ICANN's part?  Out here in publicville, it's a no-brainer that any application containing the word "Stubbs" should be rejected, due to obvious conflicts of interest, appearance of impropriety, and the anti-competitive nature of every application Stubbs is involved with.

No offense to Mr. Stubbs on a personal level.  But we're talking about the future of the internet here, and internet competition.

Thank you for your good attention.



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