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Username: sirjeffer
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 1:09 PM GMT
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Subject: .WEB - The vision


                                 The Internet has been a place of vision for the computer programmers, entrepreneurs and real people who lives it has touched.  The barrier to entry has been removed and real people, with real vision have been given an opportunity to compete against those who may have deeper resources, or more skill, or both.  The Internet continues to grow, expand because of the vision of the whole, not just the priviledged few, and therefore should continue that way. In this last boom, we have seen how major companies throw millions to launch a business which ultimately fails, but the small entrepreneur through dedication and vision can make his succeed.
Image Online is such a business with a vision, the business plan, and hardwork.  Their mission to create a more stable Internet is sound, and their business plan, well conceive and I support their four years of efforts.

The Internet needs to have equal and fair access, and that includes the process of controlling domain registration.  Monopolies are not good, ultimately are broken up through time and cost consuming legislation and do not serve the people well. 

I am a small business owner, I own a few domain names, and use the Internet to make my business survive and thrive.  I urge you to support the efforts of Image Online Design, and keep the Internet fair and equitable for all.


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