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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 5:41 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
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Subject: Thanks for the compliment! You closet posters only help IOD's postion...


    Whistle, you flamed:
>Maybe this is just an innocent coincidence, but I thought I'd bring it up since Mr. Ambler's little "army" of supporters like to come up with conspiracy theories. I'm sure I'll be the next person accused of being Ken Stubbs<

If you read our open comments back to you (did you) then you would have seen that we suppported you in what you were posting (it is part of a historical record---which is the truth--whether it hurts you or not)...

What we are saying:   It is the way your trying to post is what we do not like....We frequently correct our own supporters when a falsehood is told, or when someone posts in the closet

...Frankly, there was some junk out there...but for the most part, the people that get "it", are trying to do some good...What is interesting you now have a historical document for the world to see (what will it say about you down the road)...We won't you are only known by Whistlerblower)...

....See sir, it is your record, that people judge you by and IOD's and Mr. Ambler's has been impeccable (frequent postings of his always revolve around getting to the issues and the point--bringing together people for the good of the DNS)...Names have been tossed around unfairly (we can handle it, because truth is on our side), yes...but it is what they (IOD) created (dot web registry) and what we are fighting for (competition in the DNS) that get's us flamed...if that is the case so be it...however I would like to know who I am being flamed by, and who they are afiliated with....If you want to converse with someone, about something...we can do that...go read IOD's application and let's discuss it o.k??

Gregory W. Krajewski
Dot Web/Supporter


Link: IOD's application,

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