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Username: marshm
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 3:35 AM GMT
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Subject: Are we missing the point here?


Dear Internet community,

May we please begin with some foundational facts:

FACT: One organization has a proven, working TLD registry system in place that has, over a period of years, worked for millions of actual registrations worldwide (NSI).

FACT: ICANN has opened up competition for registration services to multiple registrants, in part due to the prior reliance upon NSI.

FACT: ICANN has requested proposals offering additional value, stability and sound practices for new potential gTLDs.

With these simple facts in mind, should we not be asking the following?

- Are the applications offering sound technical practices that have an excellent chance of being successfully implemented?

- Are the applications backed by solid business practices?

- Are the applications offering additional name space or new value to the Internet community?

- Are the applications backed by trusted companies, organizations and individuals?

- Are the applications that offer stability to the expansion of the Internet domain name space?

If we start creating litmus tests that require all the operational experience of NSI, we will fail.  If we carry bias because of company name, we fail.  If we make inflammatory statements without FACTUAL basis for doing so, we fail.



Let's PLEASE use this short time for review to honestly, critically and fairly discuss the real issues.  None of the applicants is asking for, NOR DESERVES, anything else.

Gene Marsh
Diebold Incorporated
[.cash, .global, .secure]


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