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Username: fabrcop
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 1:59 PM GMT
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Subject: Moral rights


        I believe that Afilias and Neustar did not a fair action
while filing an application for .web . They did know that there
was a functioning .web registry (IODesign) that was created
in 1996 after contacts and collaboration with IANA and Mr.Postel
himself. The expected IANA plan to create new TLDs failed
and we had to wait for ICANN's decision (July 2000) for having
new TLDs.

However, I think that their last-minute attempt to overcome IOD
is not a moral action. Afilias and Neustar know this and actually
they asked for alternative TLDs (the favorite alternative TLD
is .info for Afilias and .site for Neustar).

This post may seem ingenuous, because it is based on purported
moral rights rather than on real legal rights (however I guess
that IOD may claim for these ones also).
My answer is that *law* is supposed to sum up and to translate what is felt right by men into a written code.
Since ancient Roman law, this is the purpose: to translate
"right moral feelings" into law. So I believe that
this subject (IOD "deserves" of .web) is very strong.


Fabrizio Coppola


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