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Username: lrfarny
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 7:25 PM GMT
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Subject: A Problem with Name.Space's Application


I have a concern about Section E5 of Name.Space.Incorporated's application -- intellectual property issues.  Their policy is basically "Hey, pal.  First come first serve.  It ain't our problem."  This view is a throw-back to the chaos of the mid-1990s and is at complete odds with the more sophisticated appreciation of intellectual property rights expressed in the other applications and promulgated by ICANN. 

So, not only are they attempting to secure a whole host of names, they are advocating a policy for handling intellectual property concerns that would take us back half a decade. 

I would request that ICANN take a good, hard look at Name.Space.Incorporated's application and unless they are willing to change their intellectual property policies to conform with the policies and protocols ICANN has adopted, I would havce serious misgivings about supporting it.

L. Farny


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