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Username: Ray
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 2:13 AM GMT
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Subject: simple answer?


        the internet has a potential audiance of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world.  Not everybody has the same tastes, needs, or preferences regarding this medium of communication.  What you may find as satisfactory to your needs in .com, someone else may find to be in .net or .org.

additional TLD's further broaden the opportunity, or spectrum of interest, that each individual user may have.  In theory, it broadens each persons freedom of choice.

if you have read the posts on this forum, you have seen a number of issues being brought forward.  For example, trademarks and sunrise period.  A sunrise period for a new TLD allows certain groups, generally considered to be for profit in nature, to remove from your choice certain domain names because they feel you will be confused by their presence.  Others share the view that such an action only restricts your personal freedom and therefore counter acts the specific purpose of new gTLD's and the internet as a worldwide  medium in general.

second, you may have noticed from this forum a lively debate regarding Afilias and Image Online Design.  Since the top level domain is the very first step in the navigational process by the end user in their freedom of choice, many views on this forum have pointed out that it be best that a new entity be in charge of the highly popular .web TLD.  This debate has surfaced due to the fact that the current largest and only entity now controlling your navigation in .com, .net, and .org is also applying for the .web.  Again, your freedom of choice is considered compromised, by many, if but one entity is in charge (without a close second) of the greatest number of navigational registrations.  This would be true if Afilias is awarded .web. due to its ties with Network Solutions (the dot com people).

this issue goes far beyond entities making applications to register domain names for fees.  It is about freedom and choice on the part of each user within the internet community.  Decisions to be made soon will affect each individual user for years to come.  It is in each persons interest to be sure that this process is done fairly and openly to protect your individual freedom as a member of the internet community.  As you suggest, you may find .com to meet your specific needs as an internet user.  This is your freedom and your choice.  Protecting other users freedom and choice, including those that have yet to even access the internet, is of equal importance to yours.

The ability to optimally allow for everyones freedom and choice without disruption to the stability of the internet as a whole and without any single entity even remotely influencing such freedom and choice is what this process is about, in my opinion. 

the ICANN has been delegated the responsibility for making such decisions.  The internet community as a whole is holding faith that the process will, in the end, represent what will be considered to be in the best interests of each individual user in each part of the world.

this is the best I can do in answering your question.




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