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Username: internet78
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 8:21 PM GMT
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Subject: _ Ken Stubbs Should Step Down From ICANN or Afilias.


        It is an extreme conflict of interest that Ken Stubbs is both a member of ICANN, and involved as an officer or director with several of the applicants for new top level domains. The applicants he is involved with have some of the most generic names available and will be very profitable for these companies. They also have a very good chance of being selected.

While this is bad enough, it it even more troublesome that he could, in good conscience support Afilias in a bid for the .web space fully aware of the history of  IO Design and the .web registry.

This shows very bad faith on the part of Mr. Stubbs and gives insight to the type of thinking and rationale you can expect on any decision he is involved with (ICANN, Afilias, etc. ). He can be expected to vote in whatever position is more profitable to him.

Here us a summary of the applications for top level domains that he is associated with.

ICANN - member of the names council representing the registrar constituency

New TLD Applications...

.web (Afilias - board of managers)

.nom (Core - current chairman of CORE )

.biz (iDomains - officer of iDomains)

This information is publicly available at  and was provided by Mr. Stubbs.

His position is that "the names council plays no role in the selection process". However, the practical benefit is that his ICANN membership  puts him in the social circles with the people who are responsible for the selection process.

Members will tend to support their friends over people that they don't know. You can be sure that the three applications he is involved in will get a fair review..

This might not be the case with IO Design as the "board of managers" of  Afilias (member - Ken Stubbs) has decided to apply for the .web space.  Remember he is already involved with .site, .info .nom and .biz.   We all know who wins here... Ken Stubbs

It would bother me much less of Afilias had not applied for the .web space. I suppose they could withdraw the .web from the application.

It is entirely another issue as to whether Afilias should even be allowed to apply, given the involvement with Network Solutions..  I'll save that one for another post...



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