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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 11:41 PM GMT
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Subject: Please Define Fair, Sir...


Again, I must use my example of risk as it goes to the very heart of what IOD has done and it's registrants...If things were fair as you say, "BrianC" then every TLD applicant who paid the $50,000.00 for a TLD should get a chance for the ones they are applying for....Obviously that is not going to happen...

Our argument, with respect to us business owners of Dot Web companies is:  We took a risk...we know that we did...we are simply saying, that we do bring to the table a valid argument as to why IOD should be selected and why we should be able to keep our Dot WEBs which we have invested numerous hours and money into (Granted the efforts could go unrewarded---as will some of the efforts of the TLD applicants that paid $50,000)....Nonetheless OUR Simple, but Powerful argument:  IOD sought to create a Dot WEB registry long before anyone else...they clearly have established "prior use" (See link below)...this term should not be taken likely...IF by chance the TLD was awarded to Afilia or Neustar (when basically IOD is technically financially sound), that would set a very BAD precedence for future thinkers/risk takers...They probably will not expend the energy to create because of the fear that it will somehow be stripped of them (something the DNS does not need--we need risk takers for it to evolve)...So if ICANN the current legal authority (in conjunction with NTIA and IANA--surprise) does award it to someone else, the above example will no doubt happen...What I am saying ladies and gentlemen of the board and staff....You have been charged with the safekeeping of the values of the keep it dynamic...not stagnant...Reward innovators (if their plan is sound as IOD's plan is) and the DNS will flourish...

As for us DOT web registrants...we too should be rewarded (in my opinion) for having the foresight (since it's obvious dot web will compete with dot com) and having expended energy into this process long before ICANN, or this board....If by what "BrianC" states that to be fair the process should be random (uploading of the TLD's) and FAIR, then I see the following example to show the fallacy of it:

Imagine playing Monopoly (Parker Brothers TM--Not Afilias) and I wanted the "car" and so did someone else...we may draw numbers (randomly) to select who gets the "car" to be fair....This is what I would call as fair (and a silly example..but effective I hope)..On the matter of the dot web situation...this is NOT A GAME (the way I see it)...if we turn this into a spectacle, where random registrations are uploaded to the server we will be saying to future not take risks...wait until every one is on board..then we will all decide how to get the same "Car" and all we be well....I suspect future generations would basically turn "lazy" for a lack of a better term just because technology and innovation was based on BEING fair...Foresight and Innovation would drastically change that as then their might be a reward in it (which is human nature)...No reward=lack of creativity and innovation...And by chance someone might call these words "Opportunistic"..Let me remind everyone that without reward and risk...The internet is doomed.....So these are my arguments...I hope they are clear and of course their are other opinions as we cannot think with just one point of view...I just hope my opinion MAKES SENSE to you more than the rest...Thank you.

Gregory W. Krajewski
Supporter/Organizer of the IOD/Web grassroots Campaign



Link: Vote for Dot Web and IOD---Thanks for your Support!!

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