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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 2:14 AM GMT
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Subject: I Agree...Mr Ambler from IOD has made himself available to answer questions about the IOD applicatio


      I also think there was someone from the Diebold group on here too (they are applying for .cash)...Both the Diebold group and the IOD organization hit it on the spot..."Let's direct our questions or summary of their application, for that is what ICANN will be looking at among other things.." However if we don't have someone from Afilias on here then like you said we have no way to cross examine their application...That said your free to post your ideas about their application (Unfortunately that is WHY so many of us resent NSI---you ask for info--for little response back)...Frankly that is why I chose Image Online Design as a perspective registry...MR Ambler has been very attentive and tries to answer all questions (he has been to most IANA and ICANN meetings around the world fighting for a better internet and YES the dot web registry...So that you as a member of the internet can be heard...It's about respect, getting straight facts and not third party info...etc, etc....I will say this...I would challenge the ICANN board/staff to set aside a day, where we could ask them questions and they would respond (directly)...I realize they have meetings (The next one I believe is in Marina Del Ray, California, 13-16 Nov 00 :, but at this time, this comment would be nice to have a representative...Granted it would be maybe for future decisions like this (of major importance) we could do write in questions, and maybe a few selected and then responded to..posted on the ICANN board, etc, etc...However at a minimum I am glad we can have this board...After 4 years it feels GREAT to speak about a domain  (WEB) and a company I think deserve to be heard (based on their APPLICATION and competence as a registry:


Gregory W. Krajewski


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