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Username: For The People
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 9:04 AM GMT
Browser: AOL Browser V5.0 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: Socks in the Shirt Drawer


"General Comments" is a nebulous category. As such, many topics get covered, including topics that have their own category on this board.

I present to you the reality that the board architecture naturally leads people to the top; many consider the top to tbe the most recent. This is how it was in the past. 1) Natural inclinations are the most recurring ones. 2) Old habits die young.

So long as there is fluidity in the threads, what difference does it make that some of the General Comment posts should appear, more logically, in Specific Categories?

Don't you ever stuff socks in the shirt drawer, Pedro?

; )


ICANN: Be an agency for the People as well as an agency devoted to corporate interests.

Bring IOD's .web into the Internet root, and allow .web to become the TLD of the People.

Then grant us protection.

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