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Username: Eliahu
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 5:52 AM GMT
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Subject: You Are Unjustly Comparing "Conflict Of Interest" With "Insider Trading"


      You have made an erroneous comparison.

      1) The Ken Stubbs issue is a serious matter of "Conflict Of Interest."  This means that an outsider has inside information on, and will be voting on, something which can materially benefit himself.

       This is extremely serious, and Mr. Stubbs should already have recused himself.  That fact that he has not tells a big and very unsavory story.

      2)  You have accused a friend of Mr. Cambler of "Insider Trading."  This means that someone is privy to information which is not available to the public and large and intends to use this information for material advantage.


      The reason you have made this comparison is to demonstrate that conspiracies exist on both sides.

      The first thing you accomplished with this tactic, was to condemn Mr. Stubbs. 

       You said in essence: "So what if the Stubbs affair is dirty, your side doesn't have clean hands either."

       This debating tactic, perfected by the Clinton administration, worked for Bill, but will not work for you.  You just shot your own candidate.

       As to the Cambler side also being shady:  it isn't.  Your comparison is a non-comparison.  Insider trading implies that someone is privy to information which is not available to the general public.  This information was available to the general public.  There was no insider trading. 

      It just proves that Mr. Cambler is smart enough to choose intelligent friends.

       Regards, Eliahu

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