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Username: ALLDNS
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 4:13 PM GMT
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Subject: ALLDNS - not disgruntled and plays fair and by ICANN Rules



For the record, I do not know who you are, however, in light of your unreasonable comment reply I would be interested in knowing who you represent in this Industry. 

ALLDNS records do not indicate that we have communicated to you, nor am I am aware that you are privileged to be privy to any direct or accurate information regarding ALLDNS other than what is currently being set forth herein through this forum and comment process.

I would like to know where you are getting your information regarding me and/or ALLDNS, because your statements are not true, not fair and are misplaced.

ALLDNS has been around since late 1998 and is currently a Reseller working under contract with ICANN Accredited Registrars.  ALLDNS is in the final process and review of its own ICANN Accreditation Application. ALLDNS has many 1000s of customers and has registered many 1000s of domain names. ALLDNS is fair in its business dealings and the ALLDNS reputation is based upon honesty and fairness. 

ALLDNS wholly supports ICANN and its policies and general direction. ALLDNS follows ICANN Rules and policy to the letter. 

ALLDNS is not involved in auctioning domain names, we do not resell domain names and we are not in the business of hoarding domain names, nor do we participate in certain activity that could be considered to give ALLDNS an unfair advantage over its competitors in the Industry.

So please, I respectfully request that you not make disparaging statements so designed to damage ALLDNS creditability or to inhibit ALLDNS efforts to inform the Industry of matters related to its experience in this Industry.

Thank you.

Derek A. Conant
General Manager of ALLDNS


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