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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 4:23 AM GMT
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Subject: The world is watching....A spirit of "openness" and cooperation needs to exist...Success will result


  I urge everyone to participate in these matters in what I call "The Spirit of Openness...This includes, ICANN board members as well....I think it would be a good idea to give an accounting of any current or prior affiliations with any of the applicants.  As an IOD supporter I have been involved in this process for sometime (long before this board)...I have let everyone know why I support IOD and what purpose that serves me...I own exactly 32 dot web domains..One of them being Killer.web (I will not apologize for that as I truly believe IOD deserves to get the contract--I am not a claim jumper--but a realist who sees 5 years ahead at any given time)..My plans for all my dot web domains (that may or may not get uploaded) are to start businesses and then sell some of them.....Killer.web will be for my web design firm...You can call me every name in the book, but one thing you cannot call me is someone who has hidden from the truth..and/or a "Johnny-Come-Lately" with respect to this process..(you will see the Johnny-Come-Lately's--as they will be screaming, "Clean the Slate"---referring to IOD's registry)....I have been a very productive ICANN At-Large member and have contributed (and will contribute) to these postings...Believe it or not the greatest concern of mine is not the new TLD's as that is a current problem (needs competition at the name-space and registry levels), but what are we going to do in 5 years...I am frankly getting concerned with all the trademark issues..with commerce coming online more and more, and the fact corporations and individuals are literally trying to buy the English dictionary, gets my attention (that is why I like IOD's current approach to TM issues--it is sensible approach and is balanced---read their application)
NOTE:  Just for the record I have posted my dot web domains on their own web page and have place a TM mark by each domain (of course I did a TM search)...why have I done this...frankly if I didn't...corporations will immediately file TM claims with the USPT&O office...So my purpose is to protect what I have invested or speculated on (legal)...Yes, they have a right to protect themselves too, but with there purchasing power and ability to buy many trademarks...just shows some flaws in the system...Nothing that can't be worked out...We need to be thinking with many heads on these issues and not just a few....

My other concern:  An "alternate internet" is forming and growing(and has been for some time)...The Law of Supply and Demand:  When "want"  is more than "supply" go elsewhere to find what your looking for...or pay high prices in the current system...I don't advocate uploading 30 new TLD's...We do need a period for "testing", nonetheless I suspect that if done in a fair manner (TLD/Registry selection proces) we will all benefit and possibly unify support for one internet and for ICANN...which is important...but I wouldn't rule out having only "one internet" forever as possibly a new technology will give us a "quantam effect" ....I will tell you right now...One thing that could inhibit innovation on the internet are monopolies and/or TM restrictions...These have to be addressed someday!

Back to my point...

My question to everyone out there, ICANN board members included...There is not too much that cannot be found on the internet these days...With regards to current or past affiliations, email correspendence, etc...This is not a witch hunt..I HOPE THE SPIRIT OF THIS POSTING IS TAKEN IN TO THESE CONTEXT....that for the decision to be accepted by the internet community (whether the board selects Dot Web/IOD or not, or any other domain for that matter) please make the affiliations known, if any (Before you vote---Maybe at the Marina Del Ray meetings or this board if you feel comfortable)...If you were afiliated with Company X (an applicant for a TLD) for example, but you haven't been with them for a few years, NO PROBLEM...however if it's never brought out for all observers to see...then it leaves suspicion...Something we don't need (EVERYONE)...This process has been in the works for many years, which is another reason why I support IOD (besides having a strong application), WE DO NOT WANT TO WAIT ANOTHER FOUR YEARS, if somehow this process is seen as many "conflicts of interest" ...

So please...If you have affiliations, let everyone know...Mr. Ambler has laid everything out...our supporters have (by the way, some of the angst with Afilias and Neustar is not soley because they don't want their domains taken away, it's because Afilias and Neustar (are basically a mystery coming to light) and they do not present "new" blood...), Even our grassroot webpage has been open with what they have done ( any of the other supporters for the TLD's or applicants say that???? If not...they need to!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this...

Gregory W. Krajewski
Dot Web/IOD Supporter



Link: IOD's Technical Plan, "On it's own merit"

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