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Username: World Thoughts
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 12:47 AM GMT
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Subject: Well. . .


Well, not for anything, but a person can only stand being grilled
unreasonably and irrationally by the same individual for just so
long before annoyance sets in.

Putting aside opinions as to who should get .web. . .
Global View and wiredz are flamers, not just philosophical opponents.

In short, "enough is enough."

Sometimes the sarcasm is well-placed, well-stated, and well-directed.
Ambler's sarcasm is appropriate, in my book.

Global View has sufficiently antagonized the situation--again, not
with his beliefs, but with his own tone, attitude and demeanor.

If Ambler's response here was to some of the intelligent, fair-
minded, open-minded challengers on this board--people who extend
the basics of human respect--I would join your protests here.

However, I shed not a single tear for Global View.

. . . For one thing, he ripped off the concept of my nickname.

: )


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