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Username: R.K. Pillai
Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 9:03 PM GMT (Sat, November 4, 2000 at 5:03 PM EDT)
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 95
Score: 5
Subject: ICANN's vision of TLDs for a new order of cyber civilization


                                 ICANN's vision of TLDs for various levels of application is not only thought provoking and will lead the humans into a new world order for cyber civilization. I am impressed by their support for personal TLD and its management. Let's hope their mission and vision will enhance our wisdom for a free world and free speech ! I wish them all the best in this venture!!!
I do not agree with under mentioned observation of .xxx, for the simple reason that it inhibit my creative ability to post and review things that are of my likings and internet. I am a free citizen of the world. "Socretes and Aristotle were not well treated at their times". I am not a philosopher, but I may want to shere my thoughts with other like mined adults. Howver I agree that it should controlled for reasons of culture / civility / religion. Technology exists to prohibit viewing of such stuff in the internet and TV. So allow me and others for this freedom foe expression !  Would you ?

Obervation: The problem with .XXX is who is going to want to register it?  If the censors decide that they would censor this TLD none of the adult business would ever register it.  It seems to me that if the ICANN approved of a .XXX TLD that it would just lie with most of the domains left vacant because nobody wants the dreaded .XXX.




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