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Username: pilot2
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 2:41 PM GMT
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Subject: So IOD Supporters Have "Dissuaded" Afilias Participation Herein?


                        Global View,

You bring up an excellent point.  If what you say is true, it is sad indeed, that so few take a genuine interest in this process.  I must note that at least several of the 2360 postings you refer to are actualy requests for participation by applicants other than IOD and Diebold!  It is expected that those with a vested interest particitate in this forum.  Everyone who uses the internet has a vested interest here, especially applicants and their customers! Don't blame the "zealots" in this forum for lack of participation by others.  It's hard for me to believe that forum participants have "dissuaded" representatives from Afilias and other applicants from voicing opinions and answers to hard questions. 

I am an IOD supporter, and I am not twisting anyone's arm to stay out of this forum. If identifiable IOD representatives and IOD customers are the only ones who care enough to post comments and offer perspectives herein, then those comments must carry substantial weight. 

Thus far, the few pro-Afilias posters have been little more than abusive name callers.  Like you, for instance, labeling us "zealots".
If I am a "zealot", then what do you call the suicide bombers of the
USS Cole in Yemen?  Superzealots?


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