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Username: Neila
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 3:27 PM GMT
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Subject: This process is extremely complicated especially if you don't speak English!!


This process that has been set up is a nightmare if you don't speak English!  ICANN must consider the fact that the Internet is a world wide medium and has many different languages.  To ensure that the processes are truly inclusive there must be ways to deal with issues such as this in more than one language.

At least the instructions for how to participate in this importnat forum should have been in more than one language!

Also the procedures are a nightmare to find out how to comment on each of the individual applications.  ICANN has to do better especially considering there are people who want to comment but do not speak English!

I have to congratulate the dot.union application because at least they have thought of the language problem and their application specifically refers to procedures they would like to put in place to make their proposed tld operate in different languages.  Their application is to be supported not only on its other merits, but also on the grounds that they are thinking "inclusion"

Neil Anderson


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