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Username: pilot
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 6:55 PM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Everybody Is Welcome To Post Here


        The fact that IOD has an overwhelming number of supporters is a credit to their organization.  Anyone can post here.  Perhaps if more people involved with TLDs other than .WEB cared enough, they would do the same.  If money and power motivate some, that's okay.  All companies submitting applications for TLDs are in it for the money and power, and, oh yeah, the good of the Internet ... I almost forgot that one. 

And another thing, IOD didn't put together any "... small but vocal lobbying force ...".  If IOD had anything to do with putting together any force, it was because they sold a valuable product, at a reasonable price, and provide exemplary follow-up services. 

Their site is operable, simple to use, customer-friendly, and not littered with affiliate ads.

If they were involved in the sale of .COMs, I would transfer my .COM registration to the IOD site.  Maybe that's what Afilias and Neustar are afraid of.  Eventually, if allowed into the process now, there would be a great demand for IOD to administer a wide range of TLDs currently managed by NSI, Register, etc.  That's probably been factored into the equation too.  In the long term, the short-terms sale of .WEB names is not where the real money is.  The real money is in administering all TLDs, as the years go by.


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