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Username: rantawi
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 8:14 PM GMT
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Subject: Message from Saudi Arabia - TRUTH about NSI and IOD


I don't understand why people are faking them selves!! Please everybody, lets be frank and rational, try to imagine following pictures if you didn't actually saw it naturally.

I have been working with NSI since 1996.. since its URL was

- Registration was $100/2 years, now $70.. other registrars nowadays charges under $15 !! and everybody registered since then, will keep paying $50/year or $35/year forever!!
- Service was very bad.. difficult and slow, plus 5-7 days for domain record modifications.
- Sure, you read about domain names hijacking with NSI.. Security?!! no-good.

- NSI changed its web site and even enhanced its logo, after it was threatened by other registrars! Right? yes right. Only the competition made these recent developments to NSI service.
- NSI nowadays holds unpaid and deleted domain names so owners can't use other registrars' services!!
- Now, if I want to change to another registrar, I have to pay *** $199 ***, WHY? Did you read NSI new documentation at their web site ( Who gave the right to NSI to do this?

* I believe that NSI and "Afilias" alliance, which NSI is part of, should be BANNED from this new TLDs issue at all.

*PICTURE 3 - Justice?*
- Can't you see the relation between the chairman of the Names Council "Mr. Ken Stubbs" and "Afilias" and NSI ?
1- "Afilias" applied for ".web" TLD.
2- "Mr. Ken Stubbs" is chairman for CORE another of "Afilias" member entities with NSI !!..
3- "Mr. Ken Stubbs" is both an APPLICANT for the ".web", and a prominent and influential chairman within ICANN !!!
- Did you see "Mr. Ken Stubbs"'s face when "Mr. Christopher Ambler" founder of Image Online Design "IOD", stepped up to the microphone, and asked a question in "ICANN conference in Japan" ??

Be my guest and take a look at it, now.. go to:

and using Real Player, fast-forward to 04:21:34 and play all the way until 04:25:40 see the entire four minute span -very important-, because the exchange occurs in two parts, with another commenter speaking in-between the parts.

- IANA provided authorization for "IOD" since 1996 for registration of ".web" TLD.
- I have registered some .web domain names with "IOD".. I took my chance as everybody else in the world.
- I read all the documentation on "IOD" web site at "" and I understood that paying for registering ".web" TLD is a risk.. I took it.
- Registration with "IOD" was a snap.. and I am really happy for their service.. FAST, EFFICIENT, and CLEAN.
- IOD never annoyed me.. oppositely, they are informing us what's going on during this critical stage.. no spam at all.. I don't believe how some people is accusing "IOD" for spamming..

* I believe that IOD should be granted all rights for ".web" TLD because they worked hard and sincerely to achieve this and because many many people spent their money (including me) registering ".web" domain names which was approved as I wrote from first beginning by IANA.

Thanking You

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