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Username: jeffrey
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 12:07 AM GMT
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Subject: a reply


I assume that since you posted your question rather than sending email to Mr Ambler that you're soliciting the opinions of others. Here's mine.

So what.  The applications were not job "price" bids.  If ICANN finds that IODs business model has unreasonably high prices, then let ICANN tell IOD to set the price lower. You should expect some cost to establishing competition though.  Thats natural.

I do think that ICANN needs to play a more important oversight role than perhaps Mr Ambler would prefer.  Without being intimate with any registry operations myself, it seems to me that each one functions as a sort of necessary monopoly. Therefore registries need to be run by folks with good will. Mr Ambler seems to have done a good job of instilling a sense of trust among enough people to comprise a small city.  He doesnt even have a registry in the root directory-yet.

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