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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Mon, October 30, 2000 at 2:25 AM GMT
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Subject: We need a universal TLD (promotes global acceptance and usage!!)


    Hughes Du bois wrote:

"I am against generics because I think, for now, they are not of much added value to users of the internet at large and will certainly add confusion. I much prefer some of the restricted ones because they seem to have sound business ideas, clear added value and mostly benefit a large population of internet users. However, if you see a distinct bias in my statements, feel free to comment on specifics."


If I may, could we refer to "generic" TLD's as "universal" TLD's for the sake of argument...For Dot Com a "generic" or a TLD that has become universal "com" as you stated was for commercial...Also you mention that new "universal" TLD's would add no value to the name-space??? If this were the case we would be screaming bloody murder to have them upload Dot Fam for instance (which I think is a great idea..but a different the way..who get's "smith.fam", or "svenson.fam"--that doesn't matter--1st come first serve--it has to be this way!!)

...So I would beg to differ with your 1st argument...You also stated that new universal TLD's would add confusion...How so?  With Dot Net's becoming more common, I do not here anyone complaining...Do you??  Dot com's fear Dot web's...should we never upload them (or as you say, not right now) to appease Dot Com's....If anything, they too are looking for a fresh "Brand" as dot com has become synonomous with failure (unfortunately--but that is how business works)

But hear me out...I think it is great that you gave your opinion..I don't think we should jump on it, other than to show you our argument, which is UPLOAD a truly universal TLD such as Dot Web, by a company that has a following all over the world...I think from reading a previous post of yours, you don't quite like the US dominant dot com TLD...well the Dot WEB registry is more representative of all countries and spread out...Heck Mr. Friedrich Kisters is from your native land, he is a registrant of Business.web ...I hope you don't mind Mr. Kisters..but I thought of you as a great example, of what your about to do in Switzerland if the Dot web TLD from IOD is uploaded)...There are many more good examples, Iceland.web for instance...(more examples than the bad ones like amazon.web, etc...IOD has a plan to protect TM interests---you said you read their application.) 

Thank you for creating this post with respect to universal TLD's...I think there should be no mistake that dot web IS needed and prolonging any value to dot com will only serve a few companies and not the entire user base...

Gregory W. Krajewski



Link: IOD's application, "Just another reason to vote for the Dot WEB registry!"

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