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Username: ALLDNS
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 6:01 PM GMT
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Subject: ALLDNS reply for the record


Certain of the CASDNS representative statements are not true and it certanly is not the "entire" story or even close to that.  The ALLDNS records of communication supports the ALLDNS representations herein.

Around January, ALLDNS registered 600+ domain names in approximately one month during the ALLDNS/CASDNS business relationship.  CASDNS granted ALLDNS the sole and exclusive rights, in a written Agreement, for ALLDNS to communicate to and for its customers.  The understanding was fairly straightforward.  ALLDNS would communicate its customer requests to CASDNS within a certain format and with certain authentication processes ALLDNS would follow under the direction of CASDNS.  CASDNS would in turn communicate its information to ALLDNS, then ALLDNS would forward the communication on to the ALLDNS customers.

The above-mentiond processes or model is not unusual and is followed by Resellers of ICANN Accredited Registrars throughout the Industry and is accepted by ICANN. ALLDNS was never in any violation of ICANN rules.  The above-mentioned process was also followed by CASDNS throughout the parties business relationship.

CASDNS demanded more money from ALLDNS than what was agreed upon by the parties.  CASDNS demanded more money and threatened ALLDNS to accept their new proposal for more money or else CASDNS would not process ALLDNS customer requests.  CASDNS was a very small operation and Jeff Smith simply got greedy with the ALLDNS success and because of this, CASDNS engaged its illegal strategy to attempt to force ALLDNS to accept CASDNS' new terms by not processing ALLDNS customer requests.

ALLDNS immediately stopped accepting new domain registration orders for CORE from ALLDNS customers and ALLDNS contacted CORE regarding the matter requesting assistance. 

ALLDNS contacted CORE and Ken Stubbs regarding the matter.  CORE did
nothing to assist or help with the problem despite ALLDNS requests, and despite ALLDNS customer requests, and despite explanations regarding the situation and the matter.  CASDNS and CORE both completely ignored ALLDNS requests while CASDNS demanded that ALLDNS accept the CASDNS demands for more money in exchange for processing ALLDNS customer requests.

To this very day, CORE refuses to accept certain ALLDNS customer requests regarding domain names that originated through CASDNS.

It is true that ALLDNS will venomously oppose the Jeff Smith organization ICANN New TLD Application because Jeff Smith has demonstrated to ALLDNS his unfair and illegal business practices with a blatent disregard for, and to the detriment of, the domain name consumer and the Industry.

This is what happened to ALLDNS, and consumers, and ALLDNS is participating in this comment process to make you aware of our experiences as they are related to certain organizations that have applied to ICANN to become New TLD Registry Operators.

Derek A. Conant
General Manager of ALLDNS


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