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Username: RKnight
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 9:59 PM GMT
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Subject: No monopolies please


                  I sincerely hope and trust that ICANN will ensure that whatever new TLD registrations they sanction they will do their utmost to avoid monopolistic control of the Internet.

I live in Europe and continue to be disheartened by how much control the USA, in general, has over the Internet. This is bad enough. To hand control over more than one TLD name to a single large company would be a downright disaster! Just look at how just about everyone ( except Microsoft employees) feels about the stanglehold Microsoft has, together with the expense now felt justified in trying to control it.

ICANN, please allocate the new TLDs fairly. Even if the applications from the smaller firms are not as good as those put together by cooperations who can afford lots of expensive talent, please give them a chance. The Internet belongs to everyone, that is the glory of it. And everyone should have a chance to help it along whatever path it needs to go to help keep the world in contact.



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