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Username: ian-francis-xavier
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 7:05 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.0 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: cybersquating & speculating is NOT the issue //it's control of INFO by AOL


...Some of us speculate in stocks & some in domain names but the point is we must STOP the MONOPLISTiC  Powers of control of information....My daughter suffers from migraines as do 28 million other americans.. type in and you don't get the latest medication approved by the FDA by pharmaceutical maker Abbot labs which is very effective you get "GO TO- NET "soon to be controlled by AOL+Time Warner and they give you herbal Rx's ( perhaps quakery?) and listed in the order of highest paid advertising fees....
then go to Network Solutions or other Afilias members and search Who is..the owner of is NOT listed...perhaps Afilias members don't want to ruffle feathers of big content controllers (Search Engines, AOL, etc.) ???
  so let's say some  cybersquater speculates on sex.web ??? who is he going to sell it to for a million dollars???.network solutions doesn't care that .TV  suffix has been "bought" from the poor country of TuvaLu  ....try to register and when you're told it's not avaible solutions allow you the option of registering for a million dollars....
   THE issue is CONTRoL of INFORMATiON..NOT cybersquating & name speculation ...should all information be controlled by those with the deepest pockets ???? PLEASE think of the consquences of control of information???? ....try this...try to register //then try it with networksolutions affiliate'm NOT a communist NOR do i believe in Marxist philosophy but i'd like the freedom to access that information if so inclined.......don't let big buisness control your thoughts & MEDiCAL DECiSIONS


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