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Username: CBK
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 1:28 AM GMT
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Subject: David vs Goliath


             Dear ICANN,
Now,the world is watching ICANN.Because there is a
war like David vs Goliath.
NSI controls 98% of all domain name registrations in the United States and two-thirds of all the domain name registrations in the world.
Under the name "Afilias",NSI has teamed up with 18
of the registrars currently beholden to them for access to the .com,.net and .org registry.
Formed in september,2000,just in time to submit their
october 2,2000 application to ICANN, Afilias isn't
satisfied with .info or .site:they want to own the .web
TLD,too! Also,Afilias has hired an exceptionally large
PR firm, Hill and Knowlton,
and an exceptionally expensive law firm, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom,
To make matters worse,Ken Stubbs, the chairman of the Names Council, who is also the Chairman for CORE---another of Afilias' member entities.
In contrast,Image Online Design built a
proof-of-concept registry for a new TLD called ".Web" well over four years ago. They, in the form of engineer Christopher Ambler, beat their heads
against a number of walls for a number of years to stir up positive motion on getting new TLDs like .Web recognized by the Internet as a whole.
That means that they were one of the groundbreakers that started this whole call for competition! Through open debate, and their work on the
proof-of-concept registry, they helped shape the process that ICANN is now using to bring competition to this important part of the Internet's infrastructure.
Community support was essential to Image Online Design's ability to prove that a new TLD would be viable. Over the course of four years, Image
Online Design received over 20,000 registrations for names in the .Web TLD. That's significant when you consider that none of those domain names will be visible to the average Internet user unless and until ICANN endorses Image Online Design's .Web registry. The names were registered,largely, as a show of support for the concept of new TLDs, and in
support of Image Online Design's attempts to prove the viability of new TLDs through the .Web experiment.
It's also significant when you consider that Image Online Design never bought a page of advertising, printed a T-Shirt, or sponsored a sporting event in support of their registry! All of those 20,000
registrations have come in through word of mouth or by direct,supportive participants in the technical discussion.

For fair game I strongly ask ICANN to exclude Ken Stubbs out.
For the sake of Internet's popularization,competition
and stability , I strongly ask ICANN to sponsor the small
Thanks very much.



Link: FOCI

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