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Username: cyber-cynic
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 7:27 PM GMT
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Subject: To register or to pre-register ...


Now this is where things probably start getting sticky, because I sense I may have hurt your feelings.

First re my seat of the pants post. It was probably a mistake on my part to refer the the business risks since this is actually non contributing to the qualification of an applicant.

Registrations vs Pre-registrations.
I guess we have all heard of the phrase "spirit of the agreement".
I would interpret spirit of a "no pre-registration" condition as meaning not to give any one entity the opportunity to register before any other.

You seem to be playing with words, and I will agree under the law you could probably define a difference between the two but the real questions is "Are you adhereing to the spirit of the agreement not to pre-register?" In my book there are about 20,000 reasons to say no to this question, or as a minimum as many as you "registered" since you first became aware of the no "pre-registration" requirement.

Yes I have my opinion, though I am a little saddened that you just fob this issue off without further dicussion, but that's your perogative.

I won't raise any new issues on this topic except to say that there are several other factors which I find disconcerting, but this board does not seem appropriate as most discussions here are pretty superficial.

Now to other stuff and just to get a few things straight.
My stance is neutral on who gets the to run .web. I happen to think having a .web TLD in a  good idea, but it must be introduced properly and not a'la NSI. In fact I went to iodesign."web" to try to register 2 domains "just in case" but unfortunately both were taken.

I am not IOD bashing, I am just looking at their application and trying to be objective. Also I am not comparing IOD's application to anyone else's. I have not even read any others.

I admire IOD's enterprising spirit in setting up .web buy I don't subscribe to their "pioneering" view.

Hell I am even thinking of becoming an IOD .web registrar if they'll let me -;)

I think one thing we all should remember is which foot the shoe is on or which hat one is wearing. I usually try to wear 2, and a little role reversal (switching hats) does help one see the other side's point of view.


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