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Username: ForgetTheHype
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 6:38 PM GMT
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Subject: Re: Reply


This is all public information. As I was going through whois on I kept noticing that a guy by the name of "Marc Brittan" seemed to own the majority of the most generic names. Seeing that his email address was at, I went to the site, where he prominently displays the link to his .web names collection.

Mr. Brittan isn't alone. If you go through the whois, you'll start to see that a handful of people have pre-registered the majority of generic names.

We've heard a lot in this forum about big corporations getting all the good domains. What about a handful of individuals getting them? The bottom line is the same: other individuals and small businesses don't have a chance at getting a good name.

Why even bother to add .web if all the desireable names are taken AND owned by relatively few people? They might as well just give .web to them.


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