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Username: BrianC
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 9:39 AM GMT
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Subject: Allegations


The document you've linked to states what IOD alleges ("Plaintiff IMAGE ONLINE DESIGN, INC. alleges as follows:"). It has not been proven as fact, and the user Webster has posted other links which would contradict these claims. There's a lot of evidence to be considered here, and even if a court decides that IANA had a bonafide contract with IOD, the court would have to decide whether or not ICANN is required to fulfill that contract.

When the user Pedro stated "obviously the domain .web is a can of worms" he was right. However I do feel that this can of worms should be opened, and that that this issue should and will be resolved in a court of law. In fact, having a court decide is the fairest solution - more fair than ICANN either recognizing pre-registrations or ICANN deleting them.

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