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Username: jtrade
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 4:53 AM GMT
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Subject: September Names Council Meeting!


     Here is the meeting of the names council, the one where the names council ran by Ken Stubbs drafted the press release regarding "pre-registrations" of domains.
By the looks of it a VERY strong case can be made of favortism and Conflict of interest. Look how close they all work together. This is sickening. I have no doubt that .Web should be chosen since it is the most popular, which thanks to afilias and neustar's interest that is proven. There are many reasons why IOD should be chosen which we are all aware but will POLITICS hijack that?

Here is a portion of the meeting and for more click on the link.

Update on the new TLD Application Process (Louis Touton)
Louis Touton reviewed the mechanics of the ongoing process for receiving applications for new TLDs. Questions from applicants are not being answered privately, but rather questions submitted are posted with responses on ICANN's public web site. ICANN staff will receive the applications and will post significant parts of these (without confidential parts) for public comment. It was noted that some companies are offering pre-registrations in possible new top- level domains, some of them even charging money for the pre- registrations. Two companies raise problems, first being registrar, second claiming to be working through registrars.

The members of the NC discussed speculations issue, and how to deal with irresponsible practices. They are worried for consumers and general users of the Internet, looking for the way to discourage abuses. Louis reminded that one of criteria of selection for new TLDs is "how you will deal with registrations on startup". Paul and Philip volunteered to draft a press release and pass an information to the newspapers and public using ICANN communication channels.

Action A3: Paul Kane and Philip Sheppard to draft a press release to be circulated through ICANN distribution channels. It should be approved by Ken Stubbs and be circulated to the NC before distribution.

(On 29 September the Announcement has been posted at and released to the press.)



Link: Names Council Meeting

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