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Username: kiyu
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 5:14 PM GMT
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Subject: What I want & what is best


     I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the difference between what I know is best and what I want.  Believe it or not, I WANT IOD to become the registrar for the .web gTLD.  However, I recognize it as best that we give, particularly this gTLD to exactly the type of organization which Afilias is.  If NSI itself had solely applied for the post, I would have been against it whole-heartedly.  But as it is, they have assembled and now offered truly the best way.  It really is very competitive.  It is orderly, and in-line with the best, most organized growth of the Internet.  It is best for the image of the Internet. 

I will tell you this with a decent amount of surety, if IOD is awarded this contract, they will be plagued with crashes, slow response times and unavailability of their servers for at least a week or better upon releasing their approved service to the Internet.  How would that look for ICANN?  What kind of message does that send to Washington D.C. or the rest of the world governments regarding the ability of the Internet community to self regulate? 

There are plenty of gTLDs which will be less popular and can safely be released to smaller, growing registrars, but the ones which Afilias has applied for will be the biggies.  The responsibility for this should be awarded to a company which can handle it.  And keep in mind, realistically, an award to Afilias is not an award to one company, but to all of the major registrars - the registrars which represent the overwhelming majority of the domain-registering Internet population.  THAT is democracy.  THAT is competitiveness.

I really am disappointed by people letting their feelings get in the way of logical reason in this matter.  If you even scan through the applications, it is simply painfully obvious which company will be able to handle the responsibility best.  I encourage everyone who is supporting IOD to genuinely research the Afilias application.  You will see that it is simply the best, most Internet friendly application.  You should also, be able to tell that unless ICANN is approving based solely upon which one is the underdog, Afilias will receive the domains for which it has asked.  The Afilias offering is superior in every way.


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