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Username: huguesdb
Date/Time: Mon, October 30, 2000 at 11:05 PM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Interesting



Interesting data. If I understand correctly, there are about 20'000 votes and 900 registrations for .shop names?

Apart from the .web, all the others have a clear significance to users - and have an implicit restriction on them. If you are condifent that the majority of sites under '.shop' for example, will actually be shops, in one form or another, then that is great for the users - as long as they can find what they want.

The model you propose is to have a large number of TLD - read my post - I am not against this. However, I doubt that the ICANN intent is to have many TLDs... so who gets the first few?

The .web data is a bit abnormal... there are over 11'000 votes but just 44 domains? Can you explain this?

Best regards,
Hugues Du Bois


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