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Username: Doc again
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 11:41 PM GMT
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Subject: Why doesn't everyone support IOD?


Simple question.

The IOD supporters here have been supporting IOD for years it seems. Initially with a vote of confidence with cash - and now vocally.

The people against IOD though... what have they to gain?

The IOD rivals are in two camps and both are shrouded groups of large companies clearly looking to build on their internet presence.

Why though would supporters of these groups feel agrieved at IOD gettign just one of the TLDs? Surely they don't expect to take control of all of the TLDs for which they have applied?

While many people might be cross that they missed opportunities with .web (all of us can find .webs that we like but that have been sold at IOD) - there is no greater chance of that person taking control of say USA.web if the registry goes to someone else.

If the existing companies were fabled for their high quality of service I could understand (like the Virgin application for the UK People's Lottery for example) but pretty much anyone that ever registered a domain has some issue with the company concerned.

Who are the Afilias and Neustar supporters?     


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