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Username: cambler
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 7:58 PM GMT (Tue, October 24, 2000 at 12:58 AM PDT)
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Subject: Answer


Well, there's no need to post the whole application on this comment board, as it's available on the ICANN site, and also at

As for summarizing, I'm just guessing, but if I were to summarize even the technical portion of our application, it would probably take me on the order of 3 or 4 days to do that. As with all of the applications, they go into great detail (and rightly so).

Instead, I'm here, participating, to answer any questions, and summarize any specific areas about which anyone might have specific questions or concerns. I think this is a much better use of time (both yours, and mine, since I'm also working full-time on some of the enhancements to our system that we're bringing out over the next couple of months).

When the day is done, ICANN assures us that they've hired top-notch legal, financial and technical experts to review the applications. While they've not identified them (causing a little concern, to be sure), nor have they laid out any objective criteria (causing a little more concern, to be sure), we have to presume that the process is open and fair, and that our application will be seen to be the superior one, regardless of our other claims. Indeed, our demonstrated four years of continuous operation, with over 20,000 registrations from over 110 countries, worldwide, should show this.

Is there any specific technical area I can expand upon? Shall I ask our legal staff if they wouldn't mind taking a few moments out of their day to answer your policy question?

Christopher Ambler
CTO, Image Online Design, Inc.


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