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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 4:13 AM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: I totally agree....The application is what makes IOD stand out above the rest!


I would just like to add to this in that once these TLD's are uploaded, whichever ones get selected that it will not be a overnight process....So with that I have read comments that IOD has only 4 employees...This obviously would change if they are to be selected...currently from what I understand they have contract workers that cannont be counted as employees in the their application....(Cut and paste link below--talks about the subcontractors)

With that...Post below this string...what do you like or dislike about IOD's application???? there areas that make them stand out...

TO me the technical portion of their application is what stood out in my mind...With the management team they have and the hardware they are using...I just don't see a problem...ALso they have been actively testing "peak registration peformance" handling--which they past with flying colors...

Security is an issue that really is often overlooked...however I have not personally experienced a problem using the dot web registry...From reading their application (which I went to FIRST) I came away feeling very good about IOD and the soundness of their plan (one thing that weakens a a good plan is a bad manager...With MR. Ambler being the CTO...I don't see that happening) is a portion of what they had to say (cut and paste the link):

With respect to their projections of dot web growth under their watch, I thought they did some exhaustive research...Remember, no new TLD's have been uploaded in a very long time so it's important not to make inferences that are simply not true...I think IOD clearly wants to leave no stone unturned when researching the viability...

So if you have more comments post them...!

Greg Krajewski


Link: Check out their technical plan...I say they are very capable..

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