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Username: cambler
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 3:58 AM GMT (Wed, October 18, 2000 at 8:58 PM PDT)
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Subject: Reply


Your post is completely accurate, and I thank you for bringing back memories of the past 5 years. Thank you for showing everyone that I've been very involved, including debating somewhat theoretical treatments of these issues.

I guess if you can't find anything constructive to say about our application, you're forced to attempt to find fault in me, personally, and behind a psuedonym at that. Maybe if you had used your real name, we could at least discuss the issue. Since you're taking the road of a coward, I suspect most people here will see your post for what it is: a feeble personal attack by a weak person.

If this is truly what this public comment forum has become...

Christopher Ambler

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