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Username: IODskeptic
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 10:19 AM GMT
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Subject: Questions for C.Ambler (IOD)


To C.Ambler, IOD:
I have some questions for you.
I am posting them in the IOD/.web thread.


To C.Ambler, IOD:
Question #1.
Why are you still registering .web domains
for $35 at
You know that IOD may loose the game, so
does it make sense to continue to collect $35
for domains that may never be active?


To C.Ambler, IOD:
Question #2.
In this forum you stated that the past (IANA, 1996, and so on)
must not be considered. I don't understand this:
you really risk to loose the game,
since you are throwing away a very strong argument!
Consider that Afilias is very powerful and capable,
so IOD may loose the game on the technical field.
I believe can't afford to loose such strong argument for IOD.
This make me think that permission by IANA was never granted!


To C.Ambler, IOD:
Question #3.
What if:
1. Afilias gets .web? What is IOD going to do in this case?
2. Your application is accepted by ICANN but you have to
   wipe out all existing pre-registrations?
   What are you going to do with your existing customers?
   Are you going to give them credits for new registrations?


To C.Ambler, IOD:
Question #4.
This is a subtle logical objection.
On I read that the fee ($35) is not refundable
if .web is never accepted by ICANN.
The contract states that the domain being registered
will be active when ICANN accepts the .web string.
However, there is another possibility:
ICANN may accept Afilias' or Neustar's application for .web!
This is not considered!
So, if Afilias or Neustar get .web,
what are you doing with all the fees you collected?
I understand that you have to refund them,
since you CANNOT say:
"The fee is not refundable because .web has not been
accepted by ICANN"!!!
This question is related to Question #1 also.


To C.Ambler, IOD:
Question #5.
Somewhere I read that http://the.web and other .web domains
can be browsed with proper DNS settings.
Please let me know the IP numbers I have to set
in my DNS configuration.


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