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Username: anthony
Date/Time: Sat, October 14, 2000 at 5:53 PM GMT
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Subject: Reply - bit by bit


I can think of very few things worse that handing TLD over to a unlimited number of private companies.  As we've seen with the .com problem, this is only going to make issues like squatting much much worse. 

This was the reason why it took so long to get this far. No one could agree or even form a consensus of opinion.

Eventually the compromise was that several companies would be better than one (which was the .com problem you mention). These companies will compete with one another plus the multiplicity of things will make it harder to cybersquat. sold for big money. If drugs.web, etc etc etc had all been available the demand for would have been less (one assumes).


What is going to keep a company from grabbing a great TLD like .web, .kids, .law from abusing it's power and preventing companies from having websites, or find successful companies that now depend on the URL and charging them outrageous amounts.

This is what is being discussed now. It is also what many suspect is going on with Afilias and their .info /web application. Good point!
The competition between registers should keep the prices down. Once they're sold however they're worth what they're worth - kind of like the .com situation now.


  What is going to prevent the TLD companies from being "bribed" by large companies for prime URLs.  Isn't the internet supposed to be an open forum.

Prison mainly but also large fines and loss of licence. Its a first come first served thing.

The problem is that a URL can be more important then a trademark these days, and can you imagine if trademarks were handed out and sold by private companies.  TLD should be handled by a government or a group of government's, NOT PRIVATE COMPANIES.


Yes but which government? It could cause all orts of issues if the US government gave out german trademarks. was awarded to VW in court but it was never an international governmnetal issue.

This whole concept is a travesty. 

Well its not ideal thats for sure.

Please, please don't let this happen!!!!

Too late now. After 5 years of procrastinating the end is nigh (so to speak).


I signed up for a .web URL a few months ago because I want to see what the process was and read all the "legalize".  If just received a email from IOD asking me to go post in favor of them on this board.  This made me sick to my stomach.  Is this what the internet has really come down to.  Private companies campaigning for votes?  Why, so IOD can now hold my URL over my head.

IOD are probably asking for your support so that you get your URL. I'm not sure how they can hold it over your head as it were so far as they are concerned it is yours now (remember "register" - not "pre-register")


So IOD can reserve URL's like Pepsi.web, Coke.web, Nike.web and sell them to the rightful trademark holds for millions of dollars? 

My good man (or woman?), no no and again no!

This bit is clear and it was a big hold up for the whole process.

IOD have adopted ICANNs trademark policy. They have also suggested that there will be a time before the .webs go live when trademark owners (like pepsi, coke and vigin cola for that matter) can challenge  their trademark.web. For IOD it makes little difference who pays the $35 but I imagine that coke would have to register coke.everything with each of the registrys to be safe.

To prove the point look up!

If someone has registered coke.web then they are a bit daft. Unless they happen to be called Mr. Coke or run a solid fuel business and have a good legal team! As things are set out it will be taken from them or at least postponed pending review.

A greyer area would be something like LLoyds.web where the trademark is used in different areas but unless you can justify the site you could be in hot water!

I know someone that went in a reserved every single .web extension he could think of for big companies and plans on selling them back if IOD gets the .web registration.

oh oh!


Is this fair?

oh oh!


Maybe big companies will win on trademark issues, but for small companies, they will have no choice, or will be put out of business, or will be force to not have their URL.  This is the kind of "Oklahoma land rush" mentality this process creates.

Although the international law is not clear - the precident is set. I think it was?


I run a very small company that depends on my web presence, this TLD plan will put me out of business as I have to fight for every TLD to defend my trademark.


Well yes.

and no.

If your trademark is something unique - say napster for example then so long as no one else uses it to take business from you - no harm done. Its up to you to make your web presence clear and bold. The safest way might be to register them all?

If you have something more general then you're in more trouble. Assuming you already have the .com, .org, .net,, etc sites thenits just a case of registering the rest if its such a big issue to you.

In actual fact, cases like this one are the minority. Its more common that several people have rights to a site ( for example) but not everyone got there first.

Where as others have had to make do with and spend a lot on advertising, you might be lucky enough to get books.web. Mr "" won't be able to take it from you.

If your trademark really is a trademark (PC world) and not just a word or phrase that you've taken to using (PC Online? or something like that) then you can contact webtld and buy pcworld.web. If its already sold and you can prove that you own the trademark then they will suspend the site for you until the issue is resolved.

Hope this helps.


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