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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Thu, October 19, 2000 at 4:02 AM GMT
Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer V5.01 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: It reallly does go to show you.....


      This kind of dialogue will probably be the norm..instead of the real issues (the Applications and their merits).Frankly sir, (or you denote "we" in your statements)...If this is the best you can come up with...then well...we call it digging for anything..(and in this case absolutely nothing).obviously IOD's application for the Dot Web TLD is holding it's own...I suggest in fair play that you go read it and then come back to debate the issues of that is what ICANN will be looking at...not trying to stir up "something"...Mr Ambler is here...and us IOD supporters are here...Let's debate the issues....One last thing...You posted that it was not relavent that your identity be known...It does matter frankly because it means your willing to put everything out on the table so that interests and backgrounds can be accessed...that is vital to the validity of your position...just some helpful advice and to others who post matter how relevant they may sound...identity and affiliation are important...

Gregory W. Krajewski
Dot Web/IOD Supporter


Link: IOD's Application, "On it's own merit"

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