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Username: Gregory W. Krajewski
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 5:19 PM GMT
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Subject: Sir, if you do not leave your name, you lose we must do this in the "open"


      With all due respect...IOD does not and has not pre-registered domain names...I challenge you to go to their website to see for yourself...If you read their FAQ all registrants are VOTING for the Dot Web Domain (with their registration)....end of story....We as registrants are in fact "speculating" (to use them for our businesses is still free to do under capitialism--if no laws are broken) that our Dot Web domains will get uploaded to the A root server and we understand that we are taking a personal risk in doing so...however with our group WE SHALL accomplish that mission...and to do so...We have to show ICANN why IOD deserves the right to upload it's Dot Web Registry (tm) (it's their application--hands down)...If why you say we as registrants shouldn't get our dot web's and the slate be clean, "in fairness" please read an earlier post of mine:;39EA409F000002BD

Currently the consensus among us (Dot Web/IOD supporters) is that their application, is very detailed with respect to security of their systems (to prevent disruptions), they have tested their equipment for "peak registration" scenario's (and have passed)..Their projections for the growth of the Dot Web Registry shows maturity as a applicant (Maturity=Solid Performance) (remember no new TLD's have come out in a long time--they give you interesting facts with regards to this issue in their application)...Their CTO, Mr. Ambler is no rookie...when it comes to either customer service or technical aspects of the DNS he has been fully involved with arguing and defending policies of the DNS for some time..

So what I suggest you do sir is go to the FAQ page (below)...also visit their application page ( ) a minimum (if you reply), out of respect for fair discussion...leave your name...This promote's "openness"...You may also have not known this, so I am not faulting you the first time, (if your a first time poster)...We also appreciate your comments, whether postive or negative to our cause as it helps us to clear up misunderstandings from our side as well as the other..I just hope I have given you some valuable info.

Lastly, you should post at the bottom of this board page...Under the Dot Web Registry application below...I realize that I have posted here to but I am trying to direct everyone down below...

Thank you.

Gregory W. Krajewski
Dot Web/IOD Supporter


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