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Username: Anthony
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 11:01 PM GMT
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Subject: Here are the links


Look under General TLD Policies for .web and scroll down to section I2

It starts off:

"JVTeam proposes to offer registry services for the .web TLD as an unsponsored, unrestricted (i.e., generic open) TLD."

It even says

"If necessary, JVTeam will indemnify ICANN for legal expenses incurred by ICANN resulting from any legal challenges brought regarding
a grant of the .web registry to JVTeam."

JVTeam is Newstar and Melbourne IT


(look under section II.1)

The .web application by Neustar is, in its entirety, an application by JVTeam.

So what?

The point is why did they file this application under a different name when JVTeam already applied for .biz?

Presumably JVTeam thought they might get awarded both this way.

The .spot .dot etc. Neustar applications are only ever to be considered if:

"ICANN determines that it will not grant a .web registry due to potential legal challenge",

"in order of preference:

JVTeam applied for .web and .biz. The .web bit is just disguised within the Neustar application for .info and .site and so forth.


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