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Username: doc
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 8:07 PM GMT
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Subject: Reply to Mr. Ambler


Mr. Ambler, while I admire your calm approach I must say that it is difficult to focus solely on the issues you have mentioned.

If the technical capabilities of IOD were all that was in question then .web would be up and running and online already.

Very much has been highlighted on this page already.

- The whole Ken Stubbs undisclosed conflicts of interest issue

- The NSI being a key member of Afilias issue

- The NSI hoarding expired .com names and trying to auction them off issue

- The CORE association with Afilias and the prospect of monopoly within the internet.

- The ongoing problems that people are having with NSI and and their present standard of service

- The issue of NSI and apparantly providing competition over past years but now suddenly business partners

- The whole Afilias "Sunrise" issue and what it means to ordinary web users

- The Afilias payment policy and its suitability to the cybersquatter

- The size of the Afilias group and its potential effects on competition.

are issues that spring to mind although I know there are more.

All of these points - many of them holes in the Afilias plan would still be there had they not directly targeted .web. However, the fact that they have gone out of the way to overwhelm what would otherwise have been their biggest on-line competition serves to amplify the concerns of the every-day internet user.

The applications are big. They are all big and I doubt that any individual has sat and read every one of them yet.

Furthermore the phrasiology used in the plans may be confusing to some that would otherwise be able to contribute here.

May I ask that you summarise the key points that differentiate the two available .web applications?

I feer that many here and indeed those tasked with the decision making may just be seeing the money.

Regards and good luck.


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