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Username: ALLDNS
Date/Time: Fri, October 20, 2000 at 6:33 PM GMT
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Subject: ALLDNS Reply



With regard to disparaging statements, the difference is that ALLDNS can prove its position and we know that our allegations in our comments here are fact and true.

ALLDNS intent is not to "bad-mouth" anyone here.        
ALLDNS intent is only share what happened to ALLDNS as it is related to organizations that have applied to ICANN to be New TLD Registry Operators.

Hopefully, out of all of this, questions will be raised with the development of productive policy, or the development of certain ICANN requirements, so to prevent the kind of matter that ALLDNS is describing regarding CORE's activity in the US as it is conducted through its US CORE Members.

I should point out that in any ALLDNS opposition to a matter, ALLDNS is really only requesting the development of certain ICANN requirements that will allow enforcement of ICANN policy, so to prevent the kind of matters ALLDNS is describing here.

ALLDNS will also contribute by proposing solutions to the problems it raises.

Best regards, 

Derek A. Conant
General Manager of ALLDNS


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