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Username: BrianC
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 7:47 AM GMT
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Subject: Powerful cartel led by NSI?


While I agree with the basic principle that IOD should be given the rights to run the .web registry, I must point out two things.

1) Afilias is not a powerful cartel run by NSI. Please read their application and the Afilias, LLC Operating Agreement. Each member company holds equal voting power in the company (5.263%).

2) Pre-registrations should not be allowed. It is clear from mailing list archives that the "permission" IANA gave to IOD to officially run the .web registry is highly questionable. The user Webster has posted a number of URLs of mailing list messages that would seem to indicate the opposite, and these messages are written by the principals and "witnesses" involved in this situation themselves. The issue of this "permission" claim is clearly not an open and shut one and it would probably take a court to come to a proper decision (which might not be such a bad thing). Since ICANN has been telling people like myself that no companies have officially been given the permission to register domains in other TLDs, it would seem highly unfair to allow pre-registrations to stand. If the group that manages the DNS tells you themselves that there are no new domains, then why would anybody register with a company that is "selling" them?

If IOD is indeed selected to run the .web registry, I would suggest one or all of the following:

1) The issue of pre-registrations be decided in a court of law. If a court rules that there was a bonafide contract between IOD and IANA, and that that contract would have to be recognized by ICANN, then all pre-registrations should stand. If the court rules otherwise, then all pre-registrations should be deleted, and I would recommend that IOD consider suggestion #2 as well.

2) All pre-registrations be deleted and IOD issue registration credits to those parties who held pre-registrations. Each of these credits would be redeemable for 1 new .web domain which could be used at any time after .web goes live. So, if you pre-registered 10 domains with IOD, you would receive credit to register 10 .web domains.

Like you, I am confident that ICANN will make a decision in good faith, and that not only will IOD's application be treated with fairness, but that the issue of pre-registrations will be handled in fairness as well.

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