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Username: ALLDNS
Date/Time: Sun, October 22, 2000 at 3:39 PM GMT
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Subject: NSI Hoarding Domain Names - NSI is ICANN's only real power here


We should all know here that ICANN would not have any powers, whatsoever, in this Industry if it were not simply for the ability of ICANN to contact NSI and request NSI to shut down an Accredited Registrar's NSI SRS software and NSI SRS access license.

No matter which way you look at it, NSI is apparently hoarding domain names and ICANN is apparently unwilling to challenge NSI policy regarding the matter.

It has been documented that ICANN has challenged others regarding hoarding, however, it apparently will not challenge NSI.

It could be that ICANN may have believe that challenging NSI is not in ICANN's best interest.       

It is apparent that NSI actions as it relates to NSI policy in hoarding domain names is a serious matter, especially in light of NSI's position in the Industry.  ICANN should require strict policy for New TLDs regarding this matter.  NSI, however, may have already demonstrated that it could care less about ICANN policy regarding hoarding domain names, or NSI may know, or may have been advised, that ICANN will only be selective with its enforcement of ICANN policy against Registrars.

This matter appears to be an example of the current domain name management system not working in this case. 

Derek A. Conant
General Manager of ALLDNS


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