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Username: For The People
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 2:08 AM GMT
Browser: AOL Browser V5.0 using Windows 98
Score: 5
Subject: Annoying


You are under many false assumptions, that I find intolerable. I will post a more elaborate reply to your charges 24 hours from now when I have the time.

For today however.....your leap of logic that current .web registrants are speculators is prejudiced and unsubstantiated.

Spell out evidence that all registrants, most registrants or even particular registrants are registering with the intent to sell.

And kindly refrain from saying what most who take your position say: "Well, we all KNOW that they are. Isn't it obvious?"

Which leads me back to my previous statement:

No, it is NOT. Prove it irrefutably in a manner that would be accepted in a court of law.

ICANN: Be an agency for the People as well as an agency devoted to corporate interests.

Bring IOD's .web into the Internet root, and allow .web to become the TLD of the People.

Then grant us protection.

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