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Username: KMalorny
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 2:52 PM GMT
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Subject: No advantage for IOD for their bad business pratice


I read a lot of messages here saying that IOD should be granted the right to operate the .web domain because they already registered some ten or hundred thousand domains.

Although they claim they had an agreement with IANA for .web, they .web was never inserted into the root name servers. So IOD was never able to operate the registry. Nevertheless, they greedily sold domains and they didn't stop when it became clear that they won't get the TLD for a longer period of time. Instead they tried to produce "facts", and they are now trying to use these "facts" to convince ICANN for their "rights". Therefore I recommend that ICANN should IGNORE any arguments related to this and base its decision only on other criteria.

ICANN announced that the selection of the proposals should be based on the "proof of concept" value of the proposal. The selection of IOD would only proof that one just need to cry very much (as done in this forum) and to create "facts" in advance to get a TLD.



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