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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sun, October 29, 2000 at 8:42 AM GMT
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Subject: There were more students around at that time - do you want to punish them now for being innovative?


                       Dear Glen (hopefully this is not a "pseudo")

Your arguments are interesting. You say:

"I was a college student on limited budget and couldn't see myself
speding the money on a domain that wouldn't be "live" for quite a

Can you imagine, that there were other "college-students with limited
budgets around"?
If they did not renew their fitness abo, stopped smoking :) or took a
small job in order to be able to afford the registration of .web
names, because they decided to plan their future business at an early
stage already, ... should they be punished now for doing so?

Is the fact, that .web wouldn't go live for quite a while (nobody
knew for how long!) - and that YOU decided not to buy a dot web name -
reason enough to punish the others, who decided to buy one?

I can understand your effords not to be a "looser" in front of your
own eyes, but does it give you a right to make all others
to "loosers"? - Just, not to be alone? Because, if you clean IODs
database, NONE of us will be able to reregister a single .web name of
his own, or a single "catchy" name. Tell me, would this be fair?

You state that "there have been rumors of .com, et al. pre-
registration before NSI was official for it.  However, the Net back
then and the Net now have two very different faces."

Therefore, even you mention the obvious parallels between the pre-
registrations of .com names and .web names. Thank you!

Thanks especially, because your second argument leads to the opposite
conclusion: The Internet didn't change as much from 1993 till 1996 as
it changed from 1996 till 2000. This is a STRONG argument in favour
of those who registered .web names in 1996/7 with IODesign!

I hope ICANN considers this.

Best regards,
Friedrich Kisters



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