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Username: fabrcop
Date/Time: Sun, October 15, 2000 at 7:21 AM GMT
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Subject: I am confident in ICANN's fairness


It's apparent from the forum posts that the most important TLD
is .web . There other 2 applicants for .web besides IODesign

Of course IODesign deserves to be the .web registry since it is
waiting for this since 1996, when it received an authorization
from IANA to start a full functioning registry for .web (Note 1).

However Afilias, a powerful cartel led by NSI, applied for .web
also. Of course Afilias has very, very strong influence, but I am
confident in ICANN's fairness, so I am confident that IODesign
will be the new .web registry.

Of course, other registrars may share IODesign's database soon
(as it happens for NSI's .com at this time). This possibility
will be accepted by IODesign, as it is found on its application.

Further on, Afilias can get the other 2 strings it applied for:
.site and .info . I read from Afilias' application, Part 1:
"After awarding Afilias approval to operate the registry for
the new gTLD, ICANN may quickly authorize other gTLDs
that may compete with Afilias' chosen gTLD".
So the problem can be solved: Afilias can easily accept that
.web is assigned to IODesign.

On the contrary, IODesign can't easily accept that .web is
assigned to Afilias (or to Neustar). If this happens, it's sure
that IODesign will sue ICANN and the Internet will wait for
many months (or years?) for the new .web TLD!

In any case, Afilias requires long times to build their registry
and to make it public, as we can read on its application.
On the contrary, IODesign's .web registry is *ready* and it can be put
into the A-root server immediately. Many .web domains are already
functioning on alternative root server! For example http://the.web
can be reached with proper DNS settings (this can easily be made
even on simple PCs).

About registrations taken by IODesign since 1996: these were
authorized by IANA in 1996 (Note 1) and they were taken in
good faith. (Note 2)

About Trademark policy: IODesign adopted ICANN's policy about
Trademarks, so registrations such as cocacola.web or kodak.web
will be immediately on arbitration.

So all problems can easily be solved and the .web registry can
be assigned to IODesign. This is both fair and useful to the
Internet, that can get a full-functioning .web registry immediately.


Fabrizio Coppola

Note 1.
IOD started its .web registry just because IANA authorized this
on July 31, 1996. This was made my Jon Postel and Bill Manning of IANA
during a meeting at the IANA offices, in front of many witnesses.
They gave IOD permission to start the .web registry and to collect fees
for registrations, and they promises that the process would be complete
in a few months. Many people at the meeting can witness this.
In 1997, during a lawsuit, all this has been made apparent,
so IANA's promise has even a *legal* validity.

Note 2. Someone says that IOD's .web registrations taken
since 1996 should be wiped out, but this does not make sense,
in the same way it would not make sense to wipe out .com registrations
taken since 1993!!! The difference between NSI's .com and IOD's .web
is only that .web was more unlucky and had to wait many years to see it
in the A-root server.


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