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Username: ChrisT
Date/Time: Tue, October 17, 2000 at 2:50 PM GMT
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Subject: We Need Help!


      Medium sized Internet businesses such as mine, and presumably businesses of all sizes are in need of new naming opportunities.  I assume this is why, in their infinite wisdom, the ICANN folks decided to accept applications for new Top Level Domains.  This being the case, I hope that the ICANN Board of Directors takes serious pains to be certain that the new names chosen, no matter how many, are ones which can help address this critical business problem.

I have reviewed the ones I presume are trying to address this question.  I assume that .biz, .shop, .inc, .firm, .mall, .ecom, .svc and others are all trying to forward their view about the business dilemma.  Of these, it seems that all but .ecom and .shop are really still too generic.

I strongly endorse the idea of .shop as the best in this class.  It seems to me that companies like mine who have both content and goods and services for sale could benefit from this greatly.  We could have a separate site for the things and services we sell, and have a link to it on our already existing site, all the while promoting the site as its own entity.  The others dont seem to allow such business freedom, including .ecom.  The .ecom is a bit too trendy and probably wont have the legs of a .shop, plus it is still just a little too generic to help with such differentiation.  .shop is simple, very straightforward and useful.


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